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Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (MKFusion or simply MKF for short) is an unofficial, non-profit Mario fan-game crossed over with many other video game franchises.

-17 playable characters including Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Samus Aran, Simon Belmont and Arthur (Ghosts ’n Goblins). Each character comes with their own unique playstyle, weapons and power-ups.
-Over 200 levels spanned across 9 Worlds.
-Fusion power-up suits like Halo’s Spartan Armor for Mario, Duke Nukem for Wario and Eri Kasamoto for Roll.
-Guns from a variety of games like Metal Slug, Doom, Halo, Contra and Quake.
-Hundreds of enemies to keep you on your toes.
-Over 80+ bosses, including 9 World bosses, to test your skills.
-Controller support

TV Tropes has an excellent summary of the game. 

Want to help out with the game's development and/or test out WIP versions of the game before they're released here? Use this Discord Server Link, for keeping up-to-date, submitting feedback and reporting bugs.

Interested in seeing what Confuzyon Studios (formerly Fusion Gameworks) is up to now? Check out their YouTube channel here!

Above all, have fun!


MKF V0.875 Stable REV B 885 MB

Install instructions

Press F1 in-game for the default controls and instructions. A full changelog is available in the game's files, alongside a troubleshooting guide.

Linux Users: It's confirmed to be fully playable in Wine and Proton. Steam Deck users rejoice!

Mac Users: Untested, since no one in the team owns a Mac. Please try a general purpose tool such as WineBottler and let us know if it works properly!

Unexpected Error is fixed from v0.6.5 onwards; if you wish to play on an older version, please apply the Large Address Aware patch to the older game version's executable.

D-TurboKiller's Personal Storage (Archive.org Link). Backups containing old sources with lost content are available.

Taxmania's Google Drive, containing Optional Skins.

Development log